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Saugus News Network is a high school TV-Broadcast program located at Saugus High Schoool in the Santa Clarita Valley. The program educates over 2,400 high school students on the issues affecting them and the world they live in. Created in the early 2000s, the program has served Saugus High School and the Santa Clarita Valley with an evolving program dedicated to enriching the lives of students and community members.

Our program includes a live daily show, reporting on the latest campus and community news, a social presence with multiple social media platforms connecting 2,000+ people in Santa Clarita, a music service, SNN Radio, with 24/7 music students can study to on campus, an internship department dedicated to teaching the next generation of student journalists in a 6-month program, live high school sport reporting, and much more.

Saugus News Network is directed by our instructor, Wade Williams, and led by senior, Danny Diaz. In the 2017-18 school year, SNN hosts 21 vibrant and diverse students dedicated to teaching students about the issues affecting them and the world around them. A full list of our team can be viewed here. Each student has a unique role in SNN, creating original scores, developing graphics and branding for the organization, managing social platforms, community outreach, and more.

With every school year, Saugus News Network evolves into a better version of itself. Reaching further and creating more, the program is continually committed to enriching the lives of students and community members.